Glassware and raw materials for glass production

At present, China's glass bottle ware manufacturing factories are basically small and medium-sized enterprises. Among the glass bottle ware products, there are many low-end products, the quality is not high, and the price does not have a strong competitiveness in the international market (shìchǎng). Glass bottles Traditional beverage packaging containers in China, glass is also a very historical packaging material. With the influx of many kinds of packaging materials into the market, glass containers still occupy an important position in beverage packaging, which is inseparable from its packaging characteristics that other packaging materials cannot replace. The raw materials for the production of glassware and glass are basically the same as those of other glasses, but glass bottles and utensils, as daily necessities and decoration accessories for people's lives, are different from other glasses in appearance. Therefore, in terms of the selection of raw materials and the requirements of raw material quality standards Should have higher requirements.


Most of the high-grade glass bottle products on the domestic market are mainly imported from abroad, and the low- and medium-grade products are exported at low prices. Therefore, domestic glass bottle products sales face serious market challenges. Except for the relatively backward production technology and equipment of glass bottles and vessels, the cause of this phenomenon is related to the traditional concept of production management (guǎn lǐ) in the past market economy era. In the past, we unilaterally pursued to reduce production costs, selected as low-grade raw materials as possible in production, and only needed to produce functional products. This concept is far from being able to adapt to market economic conditions, so we must change it. Production concept, improve product quality, and use high-grade raw materials as much as possible in the production of glass bottles and utensils.


Therefore, research on standardization of raw materials for glass bottles and vessels should be carried out as soon as possible in the future. For example, there should be a unified standard for the raw materials for quartz sand used in the production of glass bottles and vessels. Strict control of particle size, moisture, iron content and harmful impurities. In terms of color glass bottles and vessels, the research direction should be rare earth oxides instead of traditional oxide coloring.

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