Why solar photovoltaic glass uses ultra-white glass

Solar photovoltaic glass is a novel high-tech glass product used to seal solar cells between a piece of low-iron glass and a piece of back glass through a film. Low-iron glass is used to cover the solar cells to ensure more light transmission and generate more power. The tempered low-iron glass has higher strength, and can withstand greater wind pressure and large day and night temperature changes.

1. Low self-explosion rate of glass

Can effectively protect cultural relics, using high-purity raw materials, compared with ordinary glass does not contain various detonating impurities, thereby greatly reducing the self-explosion rate after tempering.

2. Color consistency

Because of the maturity of technology and the leading technology blockade, ultra-white glass uses the world's advanced colorimeter and analysis software to ensure the consistency of glass color.


3.High visible light transmittance and good permeability

Visible light transmittance greater than 91.5%, with crystal-clear quality, which makes the display clearer and highlights the true original appearance of the display.

4. Low UV transmittance

Compared with other work, it can effectively slow down the fading and aging of various exhibits in the showcase, especially the effect of protecting cultural relics is more obvious.


5. Big market, high technology content, strong profitability

Ultra-white glass has high technology content, difficult production and strong profitability. Higher quality determines its high price. Ultra-white glass (6 to 10 times even with expert analysis) costs only 2 to 3 times that of ordinary glass, which has a high added value.

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