Four precautions for winter door and window sealing

First, the profile of doors and windows is uneven

The main reason for air leakage in doors and windows is the closeness between the doors and windows and the frame. The flatness of the profile is an important factor affecting the closeness. If the flatness of the profile is insufficient or deformed, there will be a certain gap between the door and window fans and the frame, causing air leakage.


Secondary or aging seal quality

Sealing strips are the key to sealing doors and windows. At present, the quality of the sealing strips on the market varies greatly. High-quality sealing strips have strong toughness, high wear resistance, and are not easy to break; while poor-quality sealing strips are very fragile, easily corroded and broken, and cannot achieve the sealing effect. If the seal is not installed properly, unevenness or bulging may cause air leakage.

3. There is a crack between the frame and the wall

中 During the installation of doors and windows, many winter door and window sealing workers did not do a good job of sealing the door frames, window frames and walls due to hastily rushing or cutting corners. Especially in the old house, the wall loosens during the settlement process, and the closeness with the door and window frame decreases. If the waterproof glue is not applied evenly, the sealant is not adequately made, or the expansion bolts are not nailed, it will make the frame and the wall unable to "closely fit." In summer rainy weather, the rubber tends to collapse, and in autumn and winter, it causes wind leakage.


Fourth, the hardware lock is not fast

The quality of door and window hardware is also closely related to the sealing performance. Especially for casement windows, it relies on the transmission of the hardware to seal. If the transmission is of poor quality, it is easy to leak air from the edge of the sash. Door and window hardware currently on the market are divided into domestic and imported. Domestic hardware usually has two upper and lower locking points, while imported hardware usually has three upper, middle, and lower locking points. The principle is that after the doors and windows are locked, the lock point and the lock seat are fastened together, and cooperate with the hinge or sliding brace to jointly generate a strong sealing pressure and elastically deform the sealing strip, thereby providing sufficient sealing performance for the doors and windows. Therefore, the hardware with insecure locks will greatly reduce the sealing performance of doors and windows.

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