The glass is dirty, these methods can easily help you

1, window glass or glass mirror has traces and oil stains, you can use cloth or cotton to drip a little kerosene or white wine, gently wipe, it will be smooth and clean.

2, there is dirt on the gold-plated frame, photo frame or glass, and the remaining beer dipped in the towel can remove the dirt and make it clean and bright.

3. The glass and mirror are stained with paint, dirt, and vinegar.


4. Use a soft cloth or soft paper, soak the mirror, and then add alcohol or white wine to the water to wipe again, then wipe it with a clean cloth dipped in some chalk dust.

5. Adding some indigo to the water will increase the gloss of the glass.

6. Scrub the glass, apply with chalk water or gypsum powder water, and then wipe it with a dry cloth after drying. It is easy to wipe dirt and polish.

7, there is a large area of ??oil on the glass, scrub with waste gasoline, scrub with washing powder or detergent, and then rinse with water.

8. First wipe the dust with a damp cloth, and then wipe the waste newspaper onto the ball on the glass. The newspaper ink can quickly wipe the glass.

9. Wipe the glass windows with onion slices, which can not only remove dirt, but also be particularly bright.


10. Wax marks on glass plates or mirrors, you can add a few drops of ammonia hot soapy water to scrub. Be careful not to allow water to seep into the back of the mirror, as this will erode the back paint and damage the reflective layer.

11. Scrub the glass with residual tea, and the decontamination effect is good. Buy a new elbow plastic sanitary brush, carry a small bucket of water to wet the glass, and scrub the glass directly. Due to the strong cleaning power of the plastic sanitary brush, the dust on the outside of the glass is immediately wiped off, and the brush has a certain length. If the glass is too dirty, add some detergent to the water. This method is particularly suitable for winter use.

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