Basic selection criteria for tempered glass


The bending of flat tempered glass should not exceed 0.5% when arched, and 0.3% when it is wave-shaped.

2. Impact resistance

Take 6 tempered glass samples for testing. If the number of sample failures is not more than 1 piece, it is qualified, and more than or equal to 3 pieces are unqualified. When the number of damage is two, another six pieces are taken for testing. All six pieces must not be damaged to be qualified.


3. Fragmented status

Take 4 tempered glass samples for testing. Each sample must have more than 40 pieces in the area of ??50mm × 50mm, and a small number of long pieces are allowed. The angle between the strip-shaped fragments extending to the edge of the glass and the edge is not greater than 45 °

4. Shotgun bag impact performance

Take 4 flat tempered glass samples for testing, and they must meet any one of the following (1) or (2).

(1) When the glass is broken, the total mass of the larger 10 pieces of each sample shall not exceed the mass equivalent to the area of ??65m2 of the sample.

(2) When the drop height of the shotgun bag is 1200mm, the sample will not be damaged.


5.Bend measurement

Take flat tempered glass products as samples. The sample is placed vertically, and a ruler is placed horizontally against the surface of the sample for measurement. The bow is expressed as a percentage of the ratio of the height of the arc to the length of the chord. The waveform is expressed as the percentage of the height of the trough to the crest and the distance from the crest to the crest or the distance from the trough to the trough.

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