What to do in the event of a power outage in a glass furnace

For continuous production furnaces, power supply should be guaranteed. However, for various reasons, power outages will occur. Once a power outage occurs, losses will be reduced if handled properly, and losses will be severe if handled incorrectly.


1. Instantaneous power failure

Generally, the equipment stops due to voltage fluctuations or changes in the power supply circuit. If this happens, don't be too busy, just put all the outage equipment into operation after the incoming call. However, please pay attention to the manual multi-leaf valve at the outlet before starting the fan to prevent the starting current from being too large and burning the motor. If the motor fails to start after stopping, ask the maintenance personnel to handle or turn on the backup fan.

2. Long blackout time in the workshop

If there is a blackout in the workshop for a long time, and the oil pump room is still supplying oil at this time, the natural ventilation cover of the flue gas exchanger must be quickly opened; if the flame is still long (natural ventilation is small), you can turn off the small fuel appropriately so that The combustion is close to reasonable, and the pressure regulating shutter is adjusted to maintain a positive pressure in the kiln.


3. Power outage

A. Quickly adjust the ram by manually adjusting the kiln pressure so that the negative pressure in the kiln is not too large and the temperature is too much.

B. Check whether the water bag of the neck is cut off. If the water has been submerged, close the water inlet valve immediately to prevent explosion when the water comes in, and organize personnel to pull out the water bag of the neck.

C. Prepare fire hoses for use when glass water leaks.

D. The power failure time is too long. The melter should pay attention to the temperature drop at any time. When the temperature in the kiln is too much, check the abnormal situation frequently.

E. Pay attention to check the condition of the pool wall, especially when the furnace wall is very thin at the later stage, and the cooling air is stopped, it is easy for the glass water to leak out.

F. Contact the on-duty leaders and dispatchers in a timely manner during the power outage and record them in detail on the report afterwards.

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