Incredible anecdote about glass you must not know!

Do you think Swarovski's products are natural crystals? If you think so, then you are wrong. Swarovski crystals are essentially lead glass with Swarovski characteristics. How about, do you feel cheated for many years?


There will be lovely small bubbles in hand-blown glass. These bubbles are not flaws. On the contrary, these bubbles are one of the identification signs of hand-blown glass.


The appearance of Apple's headquarters is tall, but did you know that the entire round exterior wall of the Apple Building uses the world's largest single curved glass.


In ancient China, glass had many aliases— “Miao Lin”, “Huo Qi”, “Glass”, “Langya”, “Po Li”, “Mingyuezhu”, “Glass”, and “Sirle” are all ancient Chinese names for glass.


The Sydney Opera House shared 6625 square meters of glass, with more than 250,000 high-hardness glass blocks. But what if a glass drop hurts someone? Don't worry, because the laminated glass is used, even if the highest glass is dropped, it will not hurt people.


Did you notice the small hole in the window of the plane when you were flying? Do you know what it does? Is it breathable? No. One is to balance air pressure, and the other is to prevent fogging of the window glass.


Why are there indentations on the bottom of many glass bottles? Is it for aesthetics? The answer is to maintain balance and to evenly distribute the pressure on the bottom of the bottle to prevent the bottle from accidentally breaking.


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