How to identify glass is thermal stress fracture

If the glass is embedded in an aluminum alloy frame, the embedded part of the glass cannot be exposed to the same exposure as the outside of the frame. As a result, the overall exposure is unevenly heated, internal thermal stress is formed, and the thermal expansion of the middle region of the glass generates tensile stress on the edge of the glass. If the tensile stress is greater than the tensile strength of the glass, it will cause the glass to crack. Thermal stress cracking can generally be identified by the following characteristics:


1. The cracks on the edge of the glass break are neat, the number of cracks is small, and the break line is a zigzag single line or multiple lines.

2, the glass rupture line and the glass edge are generally straight, otherwise it may be caused by bending stress rupture or the glass edge defect.

3, the rupture line in the middle of the glass is mostly arc-shaped.

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