How to avoid doors and windows falling off

First of all, pay more attention to quality issues when purchasing doors and windows products. Poor quality or improper installation can easily cause security risks.

Second, many people think that it is not necessary to install an anti-theft network when they live on a high floor. They think that the main purpose of the anti-theft network is to prevent thieves. However, the use of anti-theft nets is not only anti-theft, it can reduce the possibility of children at home climbing windows and falling downstairs, and it can also prevent the windows from falling off suddenly.

Once again, do not install sliding windows or open windows on high floors. When the open windows are opened, the sash is hung outdoors, and it is easy to be swayed by wind and fall off.


The important link is the maintenance of doors and windows. In the process of use, there will be aging and loose screws, which must be paid attention to. So how to maintain, how to maintain?

Regular inspections will cause aging of the windows and doors with the increase of the service life. Therefore, the windows and doors should be regularly checked and maintained to ensure the quality of the windows and doors. If hidden safety hazards are detected, new windows and doors should be repaired or replaced in time to prevent accidents. When replacing doors and windows, safety measures must also be taken to prevent the doors and windows from falling during construction.


  Protective measures

(1) When making aluminum alloy doors and windows, rubber strips with good elasticity and aging resistance should be selected;

(2) When installing the rubber strip, the rubber strip should be cut into 45 ° notches at the corners, and glued around to fix;

(3) Leave 2% margin when the rubber strip is unloaded, as a reserve for the shrinkage of the rubber strip;

(4) Before installing the rubber strip, clean the slot first to avoid foreign objects in the slot.

Performing daily maintenance of indoor doors and windows is an effective measure to prevent doors and windows from falling.

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