Microsoft and Warner Bros. collaborate to successfully store Superman movies on a piece of "glass"

IT House November 5 news According to The Verge, Microsoft has successfully conducted a proof of concept for storing data on glass. Microsoft partnered with Warner Bros. to store the full version of the original 1978 Superman movie on a coaster-sized glass (75 x 75 x 2 mm).


According to reports, Microsoft uses ordinary quartz glass and boiled, baked, and scraped it to test its reliability. Microsoft says the "Project Silica" project is designed to store and save data.


In terms of storage media, photos will fade over time, books will rot, and even CDs and hard disks are not the best media for storing digital information. Now, Microsoft's validation means that it may value this new storage method. Warner Bros. is involved in Project Silica as a way to permanently store digital assets and provide durable backups.

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