Factors affecting the strength of chemically toughened glass

Chemical toughening uses the ion migration and diffusion characteristics of the glass surface to change the composition of the glass surface area (generally within several hundred microns in thickness). This change causes the microcracks on the glass surface to disappear or a compressive stress layer to form on the glass surface, which in turn makes the glass stronger. improve. Factors affecting the strength of chemically toughened glass:


1. Glass composition: The SiO2 content of general glass is 60-65%. Al2O3 plays an acceleration role in the ion exchange process, and the appropriate amount of Al2O3 is 1% to 17%. When the content is less than 1%, the chemical stability of the glass is poor, and when the content is more than 17%, it is difficult to melt the raw materials when producing the glass.

2. Molten salt composition: The purer the KNO3 composition, the better. Na2O impurities exceeding 0.5% will affect the tempering effect. New dissolved salt must be replenished and the salt ponds must be purified in time.

3. Processing temperature: An appropriate temperature must be used. If the temperature is too low, the ion exchange cannot be performed. If the temperature is too high, the glass structure will be loosened and the strength will be reduced.


4. Processing time: The appropriate ion exchange time must be used. When the glass is chemically tempered, the longer the processing time, the greater the strength, but the benefits produced by too long time are not obvious.

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