What should I do if there is bubbling at the bottom of the tin bath

In the case of bubbling at the bottom of the tin trough, in the case where the cause cannot be clarified, in order to eliminate or reduce the generation of bubbles as soon as possible, to improve the quality of the glass product and to reduce economic losses, the following measures are often taken.


First, cooling method

That is, the bottom of the tank is cooled, the temperature of the bottom of the tank is lowered, the volume of gas around the bottom brick is contracted, and the gas pressure is reduced, thereby weakening the ability of the gas to overcome the static pressure and surface tension of the tin liquid, and reducing the formation of bubbles.

Second, the heating method

That is, the cooling air at the bottom of the tank is stopped for a certain period of time, so that the temperature at the bottom of the tank is higher than the melting point of tin, and the high-temperature tin liquid enters the cracks, cracks and pores of the brick, thereby forcing the gas generated around the bottom brick to be eliminated at one time to eliminate Or reduce the purpose of bubbles. This method has certain risks. The quality of the bottom brick installation and fixing is high. If it is not good, there will be a possibility that the bottom brick will float and increase the amount of tin. In addition, it is also possible to take out the cooler and the edge puller, turn on the electric heating to high power, increase the pulling amount, and make the bubble at the bottom of the groove take off, until the bubble volume is significantly reduced and then resume the normal operation system.


Third, the pumping method

It is to drill a certain number of holes in the bubble bottom and the steel shell at the bottom of the tank near the bubble. Connect the vacuum pump to pump the air, and continuously draw out the various gases generated by the bottom brick to form a negative pressure around the bottom brick. The gas in the tin liquid does not reach saturation, and there is no gas that can break the bubbles caused by the tin liquid.

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