What is the use of garnet sand in the glass industry

With the development of the economy, the industrial level of garnet sand has been greatly improved. Many traditional water-cutting abrasives have been slowly eliminated. Only in terms of cutting strength, cutting speed and environmental protection can they be widely used in large industrial sectors. application. The advent of garnet sand has brought new opportunities to the abrasive industry. Compared to ordinary continuous jets under the same pressure, garnet has significantly improved work efficiency and is used more and more widely, even in the glass cutting process industry.


With the increasing use of garnet sand in the glass cutting industry, on the one hand, it promotes the development of the glass industry, on the other hand, it provides a quick and convenient solution for the diversification of glass products, whether it is modeling on glass or Drilling, cutting through the water knife of the garnet sand is very convenient. Its main features are: various shapes, accurate and beautiful, the incision does not touch the porcelain, the incision is sandy.

The garnet sand does not generate heat when cutting, and no arc marks are produced at the joints. It is safe and environmentally friendly and does not need to be processed. Pomegranate sand can cut and punch any curve without mold, flexible and convenient, the workpiece does not need special clamping, the operation is simple and convenient, it is a glass cutting abrasive with very high cost performance.


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