"Deceleration glass"

Not long ago, I drove out with my friends. At the time, we were two people and one walkie-talkie. The voice was especially clear. I accidentally asked him: What is your speed? He said it was 98. I saw that my speed is also 98. Why do the two of us have the same speed and feel that he is so fast? At that time, my friend gave me an explanation, saying that there is a deceleration glass on my car, but I did not see any difference in my glass. So when we were at rest, I opened the phone and searched the deceleration glass to see what kind of principle it was.


In fact, there is any deceleration glass. This is the principle of human vision. For example, when we are flying, the plane slowly climbs. At this time, we look at the ground. Everything on the ground is very slow, even It’s those cars that drive at high speeds. It’s very slow to watch on the plane. However, when we are sitting in the car, when we look at the outside, we feel that the speed is very fast. In fact, the speed of the plane is similar to that of the high-speed rail. It is just an eye and an observation object. The distance is not the same.

Let's go back to the car. When we usually see those large passenger cars and buses, we will see such a phenomenon when we observe the glass. For such a large car, the front windshield is close to vertical. This design is mainly for the driver to have a better view, it is easy to see the road ahead of the glass, riding on these cars, I feel the speed is very fast, then take a look at those cars, the windshield basically They are all tilted, and the front of the car is much longer than the large vehicles on the bus. We can see the distance from the ground.


So this brings a different feeling to the visual, that is, the speed of the car is slowing down. We see those sports cars, their cars are relatively long, but the feeling of driving will be very slow, so say These things are just the feelings in our hearts. In fact, the speed is the same. After all, technology can't be deceived. The numbers displayed on the odometer of the car are very accurate. Don't subconsciously step on the throttle because of your own visual problems. This will increase the chance of an accident.

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