Annealing kiln accident handling procedures

1 power outage

1) The power outage time is not long. Within 15~20 minutes, the tin bath is immediately treated to handle the power failure, and the UPS is used for the main drive. After the call, the main drive, electric heating, and fan send power in time to remove the glass slag in the kiln and restore all normal operating procedures.

2) If the power outage time is longer than 20 minutes, the following work should be done:

a. The UPS also cuts off the power, pulls the clutch off, and manually drives the car to prevent the roller from bending.


2. When a roller is found to stop, immediately report and notify the shifting fitter to rush to the site for processing. The treatment is as follows:

a. If the hanging roller (roller in the A, B, C, and RET areas) immediately lowers the roller position so that it does not touch the glass, in the case where the glass production is kept normal, the cause of the stop roller is checked and repaired in time.

b. If it is a fixed roller in the F zone, immediately find the cause and quickly process it to make the production return to normal as soon as possible.

3. The curtain is dropped

The curtain was found to fall, and the specific position was immediately found. At the same time, the fitter was immediately notified to the site for processing, and the repair hole at the top of the casing was opened for maintenance, and the normal production was quickly resumed.


4. Stop water

When water is found to be stopped, it is necessary to immediately take out six infrared pyrometers on the top of the annealing kiln shell, seal the infrared pyrometer wells, and return them to the original position after coming to the water.

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