What is the production process of glass bottles

Glass bottles are essential in our daily lives, and as the production technology continues to increase, more quality glass types are developed. The main production and auxiliary workshops of general glass bottle factories include: batching workshop, melting workshop (including kiln), broken glass processing workshop, machine repair workshop, raw material warehouse, packaging warehouse, etc., supporting engineering facilities (shèshī) Gas (Coal Gas) station (heavy oil depot, gas pressure regulating station), air compressor station, transformer room, water pump room, sewage treatment (chǔlǐ) station, platform and living service facilities, dormitory, office building, It consists of a canteen, a bathroom and so on.


The required batch materials prepared by the batching workshop are transported by the conveying equipment (shèbèi) to the kiln head silo of the melting workshop, and then added to the glass material oven by the feeding machine, and melted at a high temperature of about 1450 °C. The glass liquid, the molten glass liquid, and then the feeding device is supplied to the molding equipment (bottle making machine, etc.) through the feeding channel to prepare the desired product, and then the product is sent to the annealing through the bottle, the push bottle machine, etc. Annealing The furnace is annealed to remove stress. After the quality of the product is inspected, the qualified product is packaged and stored. Glass bottles China's traditional beverage packaging containers, glass is also a very historic packaging material. In the case of a wide variety of packaging materials entering the market, glass containers still occupy an important position in beverage packaging, which is inseparable from its packaging characteristics that cannot be replaced by other packaging materials.

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