Thick glass annealing: Why turn on electric heating, does not work

Thick glass annealing is different from thin glass. Thin glass can eliminate part of the stress through the deformation of the side of the glass, so that the glass does not break or crack, but the thick glass can not eliminate the stress by its own deformation, and it can burst and only open part of the edge. Electric heating to compensate for the edge heat loss, reduce the lateral compressive stress of the glass edge.

1. The electric heating and heating position is not suitable. The electric heating is heated to the inside of the indentation, so that the glass indentation is heated at the same time. The lateral stress of the glass in the edge of the glass and the indentation does not change, so the edge of the glass may be difficult to be fried or cut.


2. The annealing temperature curve of the glass plate edge changes. After using the edge heating, the longitudinal temperature profile of the edge is changed. The heating in the A zone or the B zone is different. If the A zone is heated much, the B zone is small, and the annealing curve of the glass plate edge is steep. If the temperature is lowered faster than the indentation before the lower limit of the annealing temperature, the edge compressive stress will increase, which increases the difficulty of cutting the glass. In turn, the large A area opened in Zone B is small. It may be more powerful. This depends on the actual situation of the annealing kiln.

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