What are the differences between screen printing and UV printing in glass printing

In the glass industry, there are two methods for printing patterns on glass, one is screen printing and the other is UV printing. Glass silk screen printing is made according to the customer's drawings. When printing, the ink is transferred to the glass through the mesh of the graphic part through the extrusion of the squeegee to form the same as the original. The screen is printed with a computer-drawn pattern. Film, then made of film and photosensitive glue. Both the pattern and the text can be changed, and the ink must use a special ink for glass screen printing.

UV printing is also called inkjet printing. First, the drawing is done on the computer side, and then the desired pattern is printed through the printing nozzle. The printing principle is similar to that of the ordinary inkjet printer.

The type of screen printing is relatively small, because silk screen glass can only screen one color at a time. If you need silk screen multiple colors, you need to screen multiple screens to print different colors, and UV printing can print out one time. You don't need to make another screen, you just need to draw a computer map.


Screen printing glass can not produce a gradient color, UV printing can print a colorful, beautiful picture, and the gradient color can be printed in one time.

The adhesion of the printed color, the screen printing ink will add a curing agent to the surface of the glass when the silk screen is printed, so that the ink is better adsorbed on the surface of the glass, and will not fall off without using a sharp tool, although the UV printing will spray on the surface of the glass. The layer is similar to the coating of the curing agent, but it will fall off easily, especially as the printed pattern will fall off layer by layer over time. This is undoubtedly the Achilles heel of UV printing, and there is no better solution at present. method.

Glass silk screen printing is generally used on electronic products with higher requirements for silk screen printing, which can ensure that the ink will not fall for a long time. Uv printing is commonly used on some home glass decorations.

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