What is the reason for the shape being unsuitable after the glass is hot-bent

After the glass is hot-bent, the shape often has an undesired condition, and the main cause of the phenomenon is as follows.

1. If the shape of the mold is unqualified, the mold should be replaced or corrected.

2. The hollow mold is hot-bent and over-fired because the hot bending time is too long and the hot bending heating time should be shortened appropriately.

3, the hot bend is not in place, is the country's hot bending time is not enough, should properly extend the hot bending heating time.

4. When placing the film, the glass and the mold are not placed properly, and the film should be placed correctly.


5. The vibration of the transmission is large, and the glass is misaligned with the mold in the transmission. The transmission wheel should be straightened or the transmission level should be corrected.

6. When placing the glass in pairs, the upper and lower glass are misplaced or the thin one is placed on the bottom. Pay attention to the correct release order.

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