Ultra-white float glass production causes clarification difficulties

When producing ultra-white float glass, the main problem is the clarification of the glass. Ultra-white glass has low iron content and high thermal conductivity, which is 3 to 4 times that of ordinary glass. This brings great difficulty to the melting of ultra-white float glass. It is difficult to clarify the glass liquid and the bubbles are not easy to discharge:

1. Due to the low iron content, the ultra-white float glass has good heat permeability, high temperature of glass liquid, low viscosity, large convection intensity in the horizontal direction, and short residence time of the annular flow in the clarification zone.

2. Due to the low iron content, the vertical temperature gradient in the depth direction of the whole pool is obviously smaller than that of ordinary float glass. The temperature at the bottom of the pool is about 6% higher than that of ordinary float glass. The temperature difference between the upper and lower sides of the glass liquid is relatively small, and the convection is reduced. Discharge is more difficult than ordinary float glass.


3.The temperature of the refluxing molten glass below the annular flow is increasing during the advancement process, so that the microbubbles which have been absorbed by the molten glass are re-released into the molten glass under the action of thermochemistry, and the viscosity of the low-iron molten glass is higher. Low, microbubbles can easily rise to the surface flow, causing the bubbles in the glass to rise significantly.

4. In the all-oxygen melting furnace of natural gas combustion, the water vapor content is relatively large, accounting for 1/3 to 2/3 of the gas content in the flame space, and the content in the hot spot of the glass surface is high, reaching 1/2. As the moisture content increases, the glass liquid is difficult to clarify and there are many microbubbles.

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