Glass edging inspection requirements

First, the classification of edging:

1. According to the surface of the edge, there are: cut section, chamfered sand, initial edge, polished edge.

2. The edging is divided according to the shape: oblique side, round side, straight side, duck tongue and so on.

Second, coarse grinding edge

1. If not specified, proceed as follows:

2. Because the product is not treated with edging, the edge of the product is not allowed to burst;

Third, the requirements of the side process:

1. Cut the section and the edge of the chamfered edge of the sand.

2. The edge of the product cannot be thicker than half the thickness of the glass. It should be less than 2/3 of the thickness of the glass from the edge, and the length direction should be less than 1.5 times the thickness of the glass. The number of bursts allowed per meter is a slight 2, and the large size is one.


3. To remove the edge of the edge of the glass. The size of the product is calculated according to the large size of the front edge.

Fourth, polished edge

1. All polished edges should not have blasting, no cracks and corners. Manual rippers are used, and the nipper printing is slightly lighter than the initial edging.

2. The scratching requirements are as follows:

3. There should be no wear marks or scratches on the polished side. The edge polishing should be thorough and there should be no edge.

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