Off-line coated glass defects - dark channels

The dark channel refers to the strip-like area where the surface brightness or reflection color of the film layer is different from the whole when viewed from the direction of reflection of the coated glass, and the degree of visibility depends on the difference in brightness between them and the surrounding film layer.

The causes and solutions of the dark passages are as follows:

(1) Caused by arcing or tripping of one or more of the cathodes during coating.

Solution: Avoid arcing and ensure normal operation of the power supply and cathode to prevent the creation of dark passages.

(2) Transmission problems. It means that the speed of the drive stops in production is inconsistent, resulting in a noticeably uneven thickness of the plated film, which may be due to equipment or human error.

Solution: Subjective errors should be avoided, and the drive should be checked regularly for abnormalities.


(3) Too poor uniformity results in uneven film thickness after stacking of a certain layer or a certain layer of film to produce a strip-like color difference dark channel.

Solution: It is generally necessary to adjust the overall uniformity of a certain film, and if necessary, adjust the uniformity of the cathode magnetic field that affects this layer, so that the film thickness of each film is uniform.

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