High temperature glass classification

The high temperature resistant glass series consists of the following six aspects:

1. High temperature resistant glass, high temperature resistant high pressure glass, pressure vessel mirror glass, pipe mirror glass, boiler special high temperature resistant glass.

2. Special high temperature resistant glass for fireplace, high temperature resistant glass for wave soldering, high temperature resistant glass for oven, and high temperature resistant glass for fire hole.

3. Acid-resistant alkali glass for chemical pipelines, special high-temperature resistant glass for thermal power plant steel plant, high temperature resistant glass for electrolytic aluminum plant, and explosion-proof high temperature glass.


4. Anti-radiation glass, UV-transparent glass, UV-resistant glass, infrared-infrared glass, infrared glass, laser protective glass and other optical glass.

5. Printing and dyeing equipment special glass, buried lamp glass, lamp glass, mine explosion-proof glass, civilian explosion-proof glass, high temperature glass tube, high temperature mirror.

6. Non-destructive testing, medical testing, special optical glass for various physical and chemical tests, electric welding protective glass, blue cobalt glass, etc.

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