Possible Causes and Treatment Countermeasures of Frying Furnace in Tempered Glass Production Process

The appearance of fryers in the tempering process of glass is affected by many factors. The quality defects of the glass itself, improper setting of the tempering process, rough cutting, etc. will cause the fryer.

1. The original sheet glass is of poor quality, the residual stress is too large or uneven (the section has oysters), and there are defects such as stones and cracks.

Countermeasure: Strictly select the original glass.

2, cutting, rough grinding, resulting in micro crack growth.

Countermeasures: Improve cutting and edging processes to avoid defects.

3. Drilling, slotting or tempering and heating.

Countermeasure: Fine processing, when the furnace is heated, the door is inspected and found to be discharged in time.

4. When the thick glass is heated, the furnace temperature is too high, the temperature difference between the inner and outer layers is large, and the inner layer tension is too large.

Countermeasures: Proper cooling and extended heating time

5. The glass drilled edge is not treated or the glass drilled diameter is smaller than the glass thickness.

Countermeasure: Handle the edge of the hole and increase the diameter of the hole.


6. The glass hole is too close to the glass edge.

Countermeasure: Increase the distance from the hole to the edge of the glass.

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