How to identify the authenticity of tempered glass? What color is the tempered glass 3C mark?

First, how to determine the authenticity of tempered glass

Tempered glass is obtained by first cutting an ordinary annealed glass into a desired size, then heating it to a near softening point, and then performing rapid and uniform cooling. After tempering, the surface of the glass forms a uniform compressive stress, while the inside forms a tensile stress, which greatly improves the performance of the glass. The tensile strength is more than three times that of the latter, and the impact resistance is more than five times that of the latter.

It is also this feature that the stress characteristic becomes an important sign to distinguish true and false tempered glass, that is, tempered glass can see colored stripes on the edge of the glass through the polarizing plate, while black and white can be seen in the surface layer of the glass. Interphase spots. Polarizers can be found in camera lenses or glasses, and attention is paid to the adjustment of the light source during viewing, which makes it easier to observe.


Each piece of tempered glass has a 3C certification mark, which can also be used as a criterion for judging whether it is tempered glass.

Second, tempered glass 3C mark what color

The 3C logo color is not important.

Since the tempered glass cannot be cut or reworked after being fired, the ink is formed into a text and a pattern on the surface of the glass by a screen printing process before the tempering treatment of the glass, and then the ink is sintered after high temperature sintering. It is combined with glass. Therefore, when you buy the door and window to see the "3C mark", you can scrape it. The normal 3C mark is not scraped from the original factory. If it can be wiped off or scraped by hand, it can be judged to be fake. Tempered glass.

In addition to the 3C logo, there must be a serial number below. This is a random code that does not repeat. Each random code has a corresponding manufacturer and product. When the certification mark is issued, the compulsory product certification mark is issued. The product corresponding to the code has been input into the computer database, and the consumer can perform a code query on the national 3C certification network according to the number to confirm the manufacturer.


In general, the door and window glass is basically tempered glass marked with 3c mark, but we should be clear that the 3C mark is not a quality mark, it is only a basic safety certification, that is to say we can not When you see the 3C mark on the door and window glass, you will find that the product quality is 100% problem-free, so you don't pay attention to it, and it is a hidden danger for safety.

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