Comparison of borosilicate glass and ordinary glass

  The unique advantages of high borosilicate

  Boron-heated glass is a kind of "cooked glass", which is quite expensive and fully meets the international environmental protection testing standards. Due to its own heat resistance and resistance to transient temperature difference, high borosilicate material is used to replace "raw glass". A large amount of harmful heavy metal ion components such as lead and zinc, so its brittleness and weight are far less than the common "green glass" commonly found in life, and it ensures that the explosion does not occur in the case of sudden sudden temperature difference, and its weight is It is much lighter than the "green glass" containing a lot of heavy metal ions. It looks different from ordinary glass in appearance, and it is visually separated from the hard and brittle feeling of "raw glass".

  1. Raw material composition: borosilicate glass contains boron trioxide and silica. The amount of ordinary glass is higher, the boron content can reach 14%, and the silicon content reaches 80%. The silicon content of ordinary flat glass is about More than 70%, ordinary glass generally does not add boron, but sometimes also add up to 1%

  2. Characteristics of glass: High borosilicate glass has low expansion coefficient, high softening point, good resistance to quenching and rapid heat. Its expansion coefficient is about 32~33*10(-7), and ordinary glass is about 80-100*10(-7). ); resistance to rapid cooling can reach 200~300 degrees Celsius.

  3. Uses: mainly used in the production of glass instruments, glass lids, chemical equipment, etc.


  Comparison of borosilicate glass and ordinary glass

  High borosilicate glass (also known as hard glass) is characterized by the use of glass to conduct electricity at high temperatures. The glass is melted by heating inside the glass, and is processed by an advanced production process. The highlight of the borosilicate glass is the line. The coefficient of thermal expansion is (3.3 ± 0.1) * 10-6 / K, which is about one-third of that of ordinary glass. This property reduces the influence of temperature gradient stress and thus has stronger fracture resistance. For example :

  In daily life, we use water glass that has just been filled with cold water or ice water to pour water, or use a glass cup that has just been boiled with boiling water to connect with ice water. Ordinary glass cups will be broken due to temperature stress, but Gao Peng This is not the case with silicon glass.

  Due to the temperature resistance of borosilicate glass, the shape of the object produced by it is very small, which makes it an indispensable material for telescopes and mirrors.

  In addition to temperature resistance, it is a special glass material with high strength, high hardness, high light transmittance and high chemical stability. Therefore, it is widely used in chemical, aerospace, military, family, hospital and other fields.

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