What are the characteristics of quartz glass optical properties and the performance characteristics of quartz glass

     1.Characteristics of optical properties of quartz glass

  The optical properties of quartz glass are unique. It can pass through the far-ultraviolet spectrum, and is superior to all UV-transparent materials, as well as visible and near-infrared. Users can arbitrarily select the desired variety from 185-3500mμ band as needed. Due to the high temperature resistance of quartz glass, the thermal expansion coefficient is very small, the chemical thermal stability is good, and the bubbles, stripes, uniformity and birefringence are comparable to those of ordinary optical glass, so it is a high stability optical system that works in various harsh occasions. Essential optical material.

  The structure of quartz glass, impurity content, OH gene, NO, CO and other content are the main factors affecting the spectral transmittance. The oxygen atom binding failure has an absorption peak at 0.24μ, and quartz glass containing OH group at 2.7μ. Due to the molecular vibration, a significant absorption peak will be produced, and the low ultraviolet transmittance is mainly caused by the atomic absorption spectrum caused by the metal impurities.


     2.Quartz glass performance characteristics

  Quartz glass has a very low coefficient of thermal expansion, high temperature resistance, excellent chemical stability, excellent electrical insulation, low and stable ultrasonic delay performance, better UV transmission performance, and visible and near infrared spectrum. Performance and has higher mechanical properties than ordinary glass. Therefore, it is one of the indispensable materials in the modern technology of space technology, atomic energy industry, national defense equipment, automation system, and semiconductor, metallurgy, chemical, electric light source, communication, light industry, building materials and other industries.

  Quartz glass is made of natural crystalline quartz (crystal or pure silica) or synthetic silane at high temperature. The molten product has excellent processing properties. In the extremely high viscosity range, the tubes and rods can be processed like ordinary glass, and high-speed mechanical tools can be used for grinding tools made of diamond or silicon carbide. Processing, resulting in a variety of complex shapes of instruments and special products. The performance of quartz glass depends mainly on its purity, followed by the process or thermal system. The presence of trace impurities will have a major impact on the performance of quartz glass; at the same time, due to the slight negligence of the process or thermal system, it will bring a variety of defects to the appearance quality, resulting in a large number of waste products.

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