Classification of optical glass

According to different requirements, optical glass can be divided into three categories:

1 Colorless optical glass - almost completely transparent in the wide and visible bands of visible and near infrared, is the optical glass with a large amount of use. There are hundreds of grades according to the difference of refractive index and dispersion, which can be divided into two varieties, namely, 冕 brand optical glass (represented by K) and flint optical glass (represented by F).冕 brand glass is borosilicate glass, which is turned into flint glass after adding alumina. The main difference between the two is that the refractive index and dispersion of the flint glass are large, so the spectral elements are often made of it.

2 radiation-resistant optical glass - has the properties of colorless optical glass, and can basically not change the performance under radioactive irradiation. The optical instrument used for gamma irradiation has the same variety and grade as the colorless optical glass. Its chemical composition is based on the colorless optical glass, adding a small amount of cerium oxide to eliminate the color center formed by high-energy radiation in the glass, so that the glass has little change in light absorption after irradiation.


3 Colored optical glass - has specific absorption or transmission properties for certain wavelengths of light. Also known as filter glass, there are more than 100 varieties. Color filters are selective for absorption in certain colors. Neutral filters absorb the same amount of light at all wavelengths, but reduce the intensity of the beam without changing its color. Interference filters reflect unwanted colors rather than absorption based on the principle of light interference.

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