Application of doped quartz glass tube

1, for UV protection

Everyone knows that metal halide lamps are huge due to the ionization of metal halides.

Large arc, good light efficiency, high intensity, and also produce strong ultraviolet light,

In order to reduce the damage of ultraviolet light to humans, this infiltration

Its trace element quartz glass tube effectively blocks UV-B and UV-C

All radiation from ultraviolet light and most of the UV-A ultraviolet radiation,

Is an ideal material with maximum visible transmittance and can be dimensioned

Maintain maximum transmission efficiency with visible light. Some countries, especially Europe and America

The country has higher requirements and has strict requirements for the transmission of ultraviolet rays. Because of filtering

The UV tube is placed outside the electrode tube (or arc tube), and the hydroxyl requirement is required.

Less than I0ppm, some requirements are less than 5ppm, this is because of the metal halide lamp

Different life design and different filtering UV effect

UV transmittance at 254 nm (253.9 mm) and 320 m.


2, for heating

High-infrared radiation heating lamp as the main part, according to processing and processing

The characteristics of the product or shaft-assisted product are manufactured: a variety of different, different power

To heater, high temperature, low temperature hot air heater, heating lamp compartment, tunnel type

Heating and drying the drying tunnel, and drying the drying tunnel with a thin workpiece type.

1) Suitable for spraying and drying of oil and concrete parts of automobiles and cars

2) Spraying of metal box and metal plate, oil to cure dry

3) Printing tank iron printing and curing oil

4) Metal heat treatment process


5) Dipping and heating drying of motors and electrical appliances

6) Paper coating and curing of printing oil

7) Baking processing of sugar porcelain, porcelain, glass film and printing

8) Heating and baking of plastic blow molding, compounding and plastic forming

9) Heating and drying process of textile dyeing and dyeing and dye

10) Heating and baking process of grain granules and chemical granules and chemical powders


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