What is the classification and principle of glass tubes

Glass tubes can generally be divided into four types: 1 ordinary glass tube, such as laboratory, etc.; 2 chemical glass tube, commonly used for boron glass with good thermal stability and corrosion resistance. Transparent, easy to clean, low flow resistance and low price. However, the pressure resistance is low and it is easy to break. It can be used in applications where -30~+130°C and temperature change does not exceed 80°C. 3. Neutral glass tube 4 high borosilicate glass tube.

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Principle of glass tube

       The goal is to eliminate permanent stresses and structural imbalances in glassware. The glass is a poor thermal conductor. After the product is formed, the surface layer and the inner layer have a temperature difference during the cooling process. When the surface layer is solidified and the inner layer is viscous, the temperature difference exists and the stress relaxation does not exist. This temperature difference is when the surface layer is cooled to room temperature. The inner layer continues to cool down and contract, and the tensile stress is generated by the surface layer, and the surface layer is subjected to compressive stress, which is permanent. The size and distribution of the permanent stress caused by the thermal process in each part of the product will not be uniform. Therefore, it will affect the strength of the glass product and even rupture itself due to stress concentration. Annealing eliminates harmful tension inside the glass and prevents new stresses from building up. During annealing, the glass article is heated or maintained at an annealing temperature after thermoforming, so that the original stress is relaxed and eliminated, and then slowly cooled to below the strain temperature. After the glass completely enters the rigid body state, the temperature difference between the inner and outer layers only generates temporary stress. . Due to the performance and function of glass (such as optical glass, thermometer glass) in the transition temperature range, the large viscosity makes the structural particles move slowly, so that its performance can not reach the equilibrium state with temperature, it will be slowly balanced in use. Performance variations occur and therefore must be maintained at the annealing temperature for a sufficient period of time.

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