Arab hookah

  The Arab hookah--it seems to be exclusive to the Arabs in terms of its name, but in fact, it is very popular among European and American college students and the public. Arabic name: SHI SHA. SHI SHA is part of the Arab country and Islamic culture and living traditions. Its tobacco material is made of fruit, and the tar and nicotine content is extremely low. The main features of SHI SHA are health, hygiene, gentleness and elegance. Suitable for hotels, hotels, night clubs.

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  With the development of the Arab shisha, there have been some innovations and corrections in its styling, which makes the hookah have a longer service life (consisting of glass bottles + metal tubes) and is closer to the aesthetics of the contemporary. The shredded tobacco is also changed from the original black tobacco (the smoke is rushing, it can be washed several times before use to ease the smoke) to become the more popular fruit shredded tobacco. Fruit tobacco is made from fresh tobacco leaves, dried fruit meat and honey. It is accompanied by traditional secret recipes such as musk and borneol. It has the functions of qi, active, refreshing, spleen and soothe the nerves, Xuanfei Huatan, anti-inflammatory and pain relief, and clearing away heat and detoxification. . The nicotine content of the hookah is almost zero, and the smoke tar content is 0.01mg (and cigarettes, such as the smoke tar contained in Zhongnanhai is generally 0.8mg, 1.0mg, which shows that the harm of the hookah is much smaller than the cigarette), while smoking After water filtration, the harm of smoke will be reduced to a greater extent. This is beyond the reach of ordinary cigarettes.


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