Introduction to the principle of quartz tube heater


  The far-infrared heating tube is a milk-white quartz glass tube processed by a special process, and a resistance material is used as a proton. The opal quartz glass can absorb almost all visible light and near-infrared light from the heating wire, and can make it Converted to far infrared radiation. However, the current industrial infrared heating tube has basically eliminated the milky white quartz tube, and because of its relatively brittle material, it cannot form a long milky white heating tube. And milky white has a shading effect that blocks its heat. Because of its high wall temperature, it is only suitable for near-infrared heating.

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  Technical characteristics:

  (1) No far-infrared coating is required, spectral radiation matching absorption characteristics are good, long-term use radiation performance is not degraded, and electrothermal conversion efficiency is high. It is about 30% more energy efficient than general heating elements.

  (2) The working temperature is high and the selection range is wide. Among them, the ceramic cap is used for the highest temperature resistance up to 800 °C.

  (3) Fast heating, low thermal inertia, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, good thermochemical performance, long service life and high insulation strength.

  (4) Non-polluting, it is a kind of clean type heater, which meets the requirements of modern production with high rhythm and high quality, and is suitable for household appliances with high hygiene requirements.

  (5) Design, manufacture and installation are very convenient and economical.

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