Why Can Quartz Glass Fiber Carry A Lot Of Information


  Quartz tube manufacturer Panshi today talk about why quartz glass fiber can carry a lot of information.

  The idea that glass fiber can be used for long-distance communication is first proposed by Chinese scientist Dr. Gao Wei. The fiber plays the role of guiding the optical signal carrying information to propagate through a specific path.

  The frequency of light waves used in fiber-optic communication reaches THz, which is very high. The so-called secret of fiber frequency bandwidth and communication capacity is hidden in this high frequency.

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  The optical wave used in optical fiber communication is an electromagnetic wave with a much higher frequency than the radio wave. The wavelength band is in the near-infrared region of the electromagnetic spectrum, and the wavelength is in the range of 0.8 to 2.0 μm, and the corresponding frequency range is 167 to 375 THz (1 THz). =1012Hz). However, considering the low-loss region of light waves in the fiber (low-loss window), there are currently three wavelengths used for fiber-optic communication: 0.85 μm, 1.31 μm, and 1.55 μm, using only a small portion, and most of them. The frequency is not used.

  According to Shannon's theorem, there is a clear relationship between the transmission rate (channel capacity) of the communication channel and the channel bandwidth. The channel capacity is determined by the bandwidth and the signal-to-noise ratio. Increasing the bandwidth and increasing the signal-to-noise ratio can increase the channel capacity. Therefore, people usually By replacing the "rate" with "bandwidth", the fiber-optic communication technology has a wider communication band than the ordinary cable because the frequency band is wide (the frequency range is 167 to 375 THz and the frequency bandwidth exceeds 200 THz).

  At the same time, the fiber-optic communication technology also uses a dense wavelength division multiplexing technology, which divides each transmission band of the optical fiber into a plurality of smaller frequency bands (wavelength divisions) at a certain interval, and uses the center frequency of each frequency band as a carrier. It is used to carry optical paths of different code rates. One optical fiber can simultaneously transmit optical paths (multiplexed) of multiple wavelengths, thereby expanding the transmission capacity to several dozen times. Therefore, if one fiber is used for two-way calls, it can simultaneously support 310 million sets of such calls.


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