What Are The Types And Properties Of Quartz Glass Tubes?


  Quartz glass tubes and crystals have the same chemical composition, but are structurally very different. One is the glass state and the other is the crystalline state. Crystal can not withstand high temperature thermal shock, it will rupture and transform into other crystal metamorphosis when it is high temperature, and quartz glass can withstand the impact of extremely high temperature. The manufacture of transparent quartz glass and opaque quartz glass is required to be carried out at a high temperature because crystalline SiO2 is melted above 1713 °C. Quartz glass is available in both transparent and opaque quartz glass. Transparent and opaque quartz glass is the most economical material for industrial and scientific research. The raw materials used in the manufacture are crystal or high purity, ultra high purity quartz sand and white quartz sand. Both of these materials are found in nature and are composed of the purest SiO2.

quartz glass tubes

  The performance of quartz glass is transparent quartz glass. Other varieties of quartz glass (milk quartz glass, quartz ceramic, opaque quartz glass, quartz wool, quartz fiber, etc.) have their own special properties.

  Quartz glass thermal performance

  Temperature resistance

  2. Thermal stability

  3. Volatile amount of quartz glass at high temperature

  4. Specific heat and thermal conductivity

  5. Crystallization properties of quartz glass (also known as devitrification or devitrification)

  6. High temperature discoloration of quartz glass

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