Glass Switch Panel Quietly Becomes Popular

  Nowadays, the upgrading of household products is too fast. This is the result of people's gradual improvement in the quality of life. Switch is a common item in life and a necessity.

  How to choose a satisfactory glass switch panel?

  Our world is dressed in color, or we can say our human eyes can recognize colors, so we have a certain pursuit of color. So how do you apply color to the panel switch? In the traditional panel, white has become the mainstream. Regardless of the style of the home decoration, we can only match the white panel switch, but can this monotonous color meet people's needs? The answer is negative. Since some people have proposed the pursuit of color, naturally we can see the switch panel-painted panel with different colors in the market. The appearance of the spray paint panel better meets people's pursuit of color, and also makes the switch better meet the requirements of home decoration, not unobtrusive, and perfectly fits various styles. However, in the face of the advantages of the painted panel, we found that it is a deadly short board, which is easy to scratch and fade. No one wants to have a silky shackle in the new house, but a small disadvantage destroys the deadly.

  With the development of the times, intelligence appears in people's field of vision, glass panel switches come out because of the trend, rich in color, can be customized, break through the traditional monotonous old-fashioned, meet the higher aesthetic standards of consumers; panel anti-seepage Oil leakage, bleed, and oil stains can be polished and polished for a long time. This is a function that the previous panel switch can't do and it can meet the needs of people. It also shows that this product is a new trend.


  What is a good product?

  It is about the craft. Traditional plastic panel switches have not been able to meet the needs of life, and soon some people have taken a step forward and a stainless steel panel switch has appeared. It has the texture and generosity. It is the characteristic of people. For a time, it has become the object of people's pursuit. This has resulted in aluminum wire drawing, matte and other processes, so that the panel switch higher quality floor is presented to consumers. However, the popularity of converting stainless steel panels, we found that in fact, stainless steel panels still have certain deficiencies, can not escape the laws of nature - it will oxidize, and the seaside cities are particularly obvious, how to solve? The glass panel is born out of the world, durable and durable. It is waterproof and moisture-proof and easy to clean. A wet-handed panel can be used on the switch. It is a perfect combination that breaks the shackles of the traditional definition and even leads the development of the times.

  The glass switch panel will gradually replace the stainless steel panel switch. Although it is not yet expanded, it is believed that every household will see it in the near future.

  At present, switch panels are mostly tempered glass switch panels. As the name implies, high strength and high pressure resistance. Tempered glass is a kind of safety glass. It is a kind of prestressed glass. In order to provide glass strength, chemical or physical methods are usually used to form compressive stress on the surface of the glass. When the glass is subjected to external force, the surface stress is first overcome, thereby improving the bearing capacity and strengthening the glass. It is resistant to wind pressure, cold and heat, impact, etc. This combination of tempered glass and switch can achieve a thickness of 1mm and will not be damaged when dropped at a height of 1m.

  The popularity of glass switch panels is a manifestation of technological progress and an improvement in the quality of life. I hope that more and more surprising products will appear in life.

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