Quartz glass tube level gauge

  Quartz glass tube level gauge

  Quartz glass tube liquid level gauge It is widely used in various liquid containers and boilers in petroleum, chemical, electric power, metallurgy and other industries, and is suitable for interface measurement of two different medium densities. The color level gauge is installed on various containers and boilers. The liquid level change can be directly observed. The liquid phase display is green, the gas phase display is red, and the interface measurement is a three-color interface. Its liquid and gas display contrast is very large, and it is clear at a long distance and suitable for night inspection.

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  It successfully solves the weakness of the common plate type liquid level gauge, large sealing area, easy leakage, and unclear display. It is an ideal direct reading level gauge. This series of products is divided according to the effect, there are single color and two colors; according to the different ambient temperature, there are basic type and heat insulation type.

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