Does The Borosilicate Glass Contain lead? Is It Toxic?

  The main materials of the glass are crystal glass, ordinary glass and borosilicate glass. Most of the materials used in the production of high-grade glass are made of high borosilicate glass, so most of the manufacturers we have seen so far have been marked on the market. The material of the product is high borosilicate glass. We know that glass is generally considered to be the healthiest drinking water container due to its stability and transparency, but many people think that high-borosilicate glass will precipitate lead in a hot environment, and lead is a toxic substance. Is it right?



  High borosilicate glass is particularly excellent in high temperature resistance, high chemical stability, and low expansion ratio, and is therefore widely used in pharmaceutical packaging, craft jewelry, drinking water containers and other product industries. The coefficient of thermal expansion of borosilicate glass is (3.3 ± 0.1) × 10 -6 / K, which is also called "borosilicate glass 3.3. The main component of borosilicate glass is boron: 12.5 ~ 13.5%, silicon The content of 78-80%, so the acid resistance of borosilicate glass is also very good in alkali resistance. The strain temperature difference of high borosilicate is 520 ° C. Therefore, high borosilicate does not contain toxic substances, and the resistance of high borosilicate High temperature and acid resistance make it difficult for high borosilicate to precipitate harmful substances in daily drinking water.

  What we need to pay attention to is that it is made by melting lead oxide and silicon together, because after adding lead, the glass will be more heavy, textured and more transparent. Because the price of lead is relatively high, crystal glass is often used to make some process glass products. Or a high-end red wine glass. Ordinary glass products are mostly made of high borosilicate.

  When choosing a borosilicate glass, try to choose a glass that is made by a regular manufacturer. There are not many high-grade glass cups that are being used in high-borosilicate glass, such as the Panshi glass.

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