What should I pay attention to when plating quartz plates

  Quartz tube manufacturers today and everyone to talk about the quartz plate magnetron sputtering coating needs to pay attention to what.

  First, the advantages

  1. Generally, there is an auxiliary ion source, which can be used to clean quartz plates, and the cleaning effect is good;

  2. It can also be used to prepare an insulating film layer due to the installation of a neutralizer;

  3. It is easy to prepare materials with high melting point;

  4, the preparation of the alloy film layer, can ensure that the film material ratio is the same as the target;

  5. The target particles have high energy (one order of magnitude higher than the thermal evaporation), and the prepared film layer is denser and has a higher synergy with the quartz sheet.

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  Second, shortcomings

  1. Ion source cleaning and neutralizer filament replacement are more frequent;

  2, the general coating rate is slow, tens of angstroms per second;

  3. It is not suitable to prepare a large area film.

  Third, the machine's operating precautions

  1. Pay attention to the vacuum degree index;

  2. Keep all parts of the inner compartment of the machine clean;

  3. Test and record the main indicators of the plated quartz oscillator, such as: frequency, resistance, DLD, etc.;

  4. The quartz vibrator after sputtering should be checked for its firmness with 3M tape;

  5. Adjust the size of each part of the shielding plate according to the dispersion of the plated quartz vibrator;

  6. Check and record the time of vacuuming. If there is any extension, check the cause immediately.

  7. Pick out defective products: electrode misalignment, scratching, dirt, silver, etc.

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