What is the Advantages of Quartz Glass Tube?

  As a kind of glass tube, quartz glass tube is different from ordinary glass tube. The quality of quartz glass tube is outstanding. It has many advantages. Today, Panshi will introduce it to everyone:


  1, Non-toxic, no radiation

  The color of diamond is mainly formed by mineral pigments. Its raw materials before the artificial differentiation are granular. After strict mineral processing, washing and de-purification, with no heavy metal impurities, there is no jetting problem. It is certified by China Building Materials. A non-toxic hygienic material that can indirectly contact food. The natural stone countertop of a single ordinary resin plate is often burnt by the coke residue that is detached from the cigarette butt and the bottom of the pan, and the quartz glass tube countertop has the ability to resist these scalding, and keep the countertop durable and bright.

  2, High tempreture resistant

  The base of the diamond table is mainly natural quartz crystal. The quartz crystal is an exemplary refractory material, and the melting point of quartz is as high as 1300C. After adding a large number of composite materials, the surface of the quartz glass tube still has a moderately high resistance to burns. It is resistant to low temperature, no deformation, and the surface is not tilted. The hot coke slag that is detached from the hot pot or the bottom of the pot will not melt, discolor or burst the surface, nor will it be splashed by hot water or oil stains from the pot. Damage is a countertop material that is currently resistant to temperature other than stainless steel.

  3, Hard to be scratched

  The quartz content of the quartz tube is as high as 93%, and the quartz crystal is the natural mineral which is second only to diamond in the world. Its surface hardness is as high as 7-8 degrees Mohs, which is much higher than the hardness of a single iron. It will not be scartched by knife and shovel used by the family and even Irons such as steel balls. In a single case, you can put a variety of household items on the table (but be attentioned to avoid strong scraping with high-hardness items such as diamonds, sandpaper, and hard alloys.) .

  4, Cost-effective

  Although the quartz glass tube product has a high price on the surface, when you carefully calculate the account, it is not cheap to create it. He has the characteristics of one-time investment forever use, once and for all. This is the strength of any kind of cabinet countertop material in the current market. It can be said that the quartz glass tube countertop has no after-sale effect. We advocate that “no after-sales effectiveness is an effect for customers”.

  5, Hard to be worn

  Although the color of the quartz glass tube is artificially formulated, the material is mainly mineral pigments. The material contains high-quality compounding agent and low-cost anti-aging (UV) additive. It has strong anti-aging ability and anti-fading ability. It will not fade color and luster due to oxidation, aging, corrosion, hot matter touch, etc. during the daily use of the daily life. If the department is not in the strong sunlight, it is difficult to observe the color change by naked eyes, and it can be considered as a material that does not fade.

  6, No pollution

  The quartz glass tube contains a variety of composite materials and ultra-fine quartz powder, which ensures that the material has a high degree of microporous structure. The surface and external structure of the sheet are also fine and uniform, the water absorption rate is low, and the uniformity is only 0,03%. This means that the material is not soaked on the basis of a single kitchen oil, sauce, vinegar, red wine, strong tea, juice, coffee, acid, alkali and other materials can not be saturated, just need to use after each use Clean water or neutral detergent will clean the surface of the table, so that no liquid will leave marks on the table. The stubborn retentate can be removed only by using a cleaning agent, etc., and will not penetrate the outside of the material, stick to the surface or die. The dirt in the corner can also be removed with a shovel or steel wool, and the stain resistance of the product is incomparable to any other material.

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