Application Of Quartz Glass Tube

Application of quartz glass tube
As a quartz glass tube manufacturer, today Xiaobian will come to talk with you about the use of quartz glass tube.

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Quartz glass tubes are used in UV lamps. However, in fact, there are many materials for UV-resistant weather-resistant test chambers, and the performance characteristics of different materials are different. First of all, if it is a quartz glass tube material. The ultraviolet germicidal lamp (UV lamp) is actually a low-pressure mercury lamp of a UV weather-resistant test chamber. Like ordinary fluorescent lamps, it is excited by low-pressure mercury vapor (<10-2Pa) to emit ultraviolet rays. Generally, the lamps of the germicidal lamp are made of quartz glass, because the ultraviolet glass weatherproof box quartz glass has a high transmittance for each wavelength band of ultraviolet rays, which is 80%-90%, and is a material for the germicidal lamp. Although quartz is relatively expensive, all mercury vapor tubes used for UV polymerization are made of quartz, and the base material is mostly bakelite, plastic or ceramic.

For high borax glass tube materials, high borax glass tubes with UV transmittance <50% are used instead of quartz glass due to cost and use. The production process of high-boron glass is the same as that of energy-saving lamps, so the cost is very low, but its performance in the ultraviolet weather-resistant test chamber is far less than the ultraviolet germicidal lamp made of quartz glass tube, and its sterilization effect is quite different. The ultraviolet light intensity of the high-boron lamp is easily attenuated, and the ultraviolet intensity drops to 50%-70% at the initial time after lighting for hundreds of hours. After the quartz lamp is ignited for 2000-3000 hours, the ultraviolet intensity is only reduced to 80%-70% of the initial time of the ultraviolet weatherproof test chamber, and the degree of light decay is much smaller than that of the high boron lamp.

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In the case of ordinary glass, the ordinary glass used in the YSL ultraviolet weather-resistant test chamber with high ultraviolet light is much higher than that of high-boron glass, slightly lower than quartz glass, and the light decay is still larger than that of the quartz germicidal lamp. No ozone can be produced.

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