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  As a manufacturer of quartz glass tubes, I will come to talk to you today about quartz processing.

  High-purity quartz processing equipment technology has several characteristics compared with general mineral processing engineering. The first is the high purity of the reagents. Acid leaching and water washing are important parts of high-purity quartz sand processing. Because of the high purity of SO2 for high-purity quartz and the low content of impurity elements, the purity of reagents such as acid and water must meet the corresponding requirements, otherwise it will be difficult to produce qualified. product. Reagent corrosion is also strong. Thermal acid leaching plays a key role in the purification of high purity quartz. An important chemical property of quartz is excellent in acid corrosion resistance (except HF), while other metal impurity components in the ore are generally poor in acid corrosion resistance. This effect is more pronounced under certain temperature conditions.

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  The acid leaching process used in high-purity quartz processing utilizes this principle to achieve chemical purification. Studies have shown that: according to the characteristics of mineral raw materials, the use of appropriate acid formula can better remove metal minerals, iron-bearing minerals, carbonate minerals and thin-film iron between quartz particles. If a certain amount of HF acid is added in the acid formula combination, it has a good effect on removing impurities such as trace mica and feldspar in the raw material. Therefore, strong corrosion reagents such as hot acid and HF acid are often used.

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  Moreover, its material standards are strict. Practice has proved that in high-purity quartz purification processing, materials such as containers in contact with raw materials have a significant impact on sample quality. Strictly controlling the material standards of each processing section of high-purity quartz sand is the key to ensuring quality. It is also demanding for the environment. The purity characteristics of high-purity quartz SO2 determine that there should be no pollution during the production process. Due to the long processing process and complicated process of high-purity quartz sand, it is difficult to achieve complete sealing of the production process. In order to prevent dust pollution in the air, it is necessary to have strict requirements on the air environment such as production, packaging and storage. In addition, its security requirements are also very high. Production lines consisting of strong rot reagents, toxic gases (if chlorination is used), and high temperature processes must have higher production safety.

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