Analysis Of The Trend Of Quartz Occupation In China

  The most widely used quartz stone planning is the countertops such as cabinets and service desks, and a few are used for decorative parts, such as the background wall. At that time, the quartz stone industry must adhere to the mall-oriented. Constantly adjust the industrial structure and product structure, and produce quartz stone products that meet the needs of the shopping malls and consumers, and then quickly develop.

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  Quartz stone, as a new type of healthy and environmentally friendly product that fits the country's sustainable development strategy, introduced domestic shopping malls in the 1980s. Although the quartz stone occupation in our country started late, it has become the first choice for cabinet countertops through more than ten years of rapid development. It is widely used in various indoor places such as clean room, window sill, dining table and commercial desk.

  The industry presents a very gratifying situation, cultivating a huge consumer shopping mall and ranking internationally in terms of planning and application penetration rates. According to incomplete statistics, nearly one thousand large and small artificial stone production enterprises in the country have become a profession that can not be neglected in the field of new decorative materials; it has made important contributions to the prosperity of China's decorative materials shopping malls and the improvement of citizens' home quality.

  In the next few years, the global quartz stone shopping mall will continue to adhere to the outstanding growth momentum, the use of commercial space will be the primary addition point. However, there are also some problems along with this: there are many small-planning enterprises, the quality of products is uneven; the price competition of products is intensifying, and the phenomenon of shoddy is repeated; information asymmetry leads consumers to buy more blindly.

  Quartz stone vision speculation analysis: It is estimated that in 2014-2018, quartz stone will carry out more kinds of different decorative materials in the field. In terms of production process methods, molding production will be the primary method for the production of quartz stone in the future. Molding production uses a one-time molding process, the table top can directly press out the front and rear water retaining edges, the data utilization rate is as high as 99%, and no subsequent sanding, water grinding and other external processing are required, and no exhaust gas, water and dust are generated. In terms of product shopping malls, it will break through the traditional application fields, and the application of the vision is very broad, especially for all kinds of shaped artificial stone building materials, such as handicrafts, artificial stone walls, floor tiles, furniture fabrics, ceilings, etc. It can completely replace high-grade ceramic, wood and metal decorative materials.

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