Why Is The Price Of Quartz Plates More Expensive

  There are many customers who ask me, why are they also quartz products, the price of quartz is more expensive than the quartz tube?

  In fact, this should start with the production process and cost.

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  The quartz tube was drawn by vertical continuous melting. 30 years ago, state-owned enterprises and individual private enterprises in the country introduced European equipment. After 30 years of development, the conventional size quartz tube is very mature. Every quartz manufacturer in the country can produce quartz. Management, oversupply.

  The processing of quartz plates has traditionally been achieved by cutting quartz crucibles or cutting and flattening quartz tubes. Quartz is not a metal. Anything involving lateral cutting (cutting) and grinding is very troublesome and the cost is high. The relatively low-cost continuous melt-drawn quartz plate (blocking into a quartz piece) is a technology within 10 years. So far, only a few companies have been able to achieve it, and the yield is still low, so the price is relatively expensive.

  Half of the quartz plate is cut out with quartz crucible, and the quartz tube is directly pulled, so the price of the two is different, but this conclusion is only established when the diameter of the quartz tube is small. When the diameter of the quartz tube is large (for example, when it is 200 mm or more), Quartz tubes are not necessarily cheaper than quartz sheets.

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