How To Clean Quartz Glass Tube

  1. The whole process of cleaning the quartz tube should be carried out in strict accordance with the relevant process scale of the diffusion process.

  2. The cleaning staff needs to wear protective glasses and acid-proof gloves, then put the spare quartz tube into the groove near the quartz tube cleaning machine, the nozzle is facing the flannel, and the tube tail points in the direction of the diffusion furnace. Pull down the protective door, set the acid tank cleaning time to 30 minutes, and press the "acid tank start" button in the control panel.

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  3. After draining the water in the water tank, flush the inner and outer walls of the quartz tube with a water gun for about 5 minutes. Care should be taken when flushing, and there should be no areas left untouched. Then pull the water gun to the quartz tube nozzle and flush the inner wall of the tube from the nozzle to the end of the tube. The cleaning staff wears safety glasses and gloves, removes the quartz tube from the acid tank, and gently puts it into the sink. Do not press the "Sink Start" button when flushing the inner wall of the quartz tube. If it has been pressed, press the "Sink End" button again. After 2 minutes, the quartz tube was rotated 180° and washed in the same manner for 2 minutes.

  4. Inject pure water into the water tank, and the water level shall be based on the intermediate snorkel that can pass the tail of the quartz tube. Pull down the protective door, then set the sink cleaning time to 30 minutes and press the "Sink Start" button.

  5. Repeat and clean again.

  6. Scour the inner wall. Then, with the above method, flush the inner/outer wall of the quartz tube with a water gun. The cleaning time of this step should be no less than 15 minutes, and there is no particulate phosphide residue on the inner and outer walls of the tube as a sign of cleaning. After about 5 minutes, the four small snorkels of the tube tail were flushed with a water gun, which is also the inner wall of the tube. After 2 minutes of scouring, it will be inherited from the nozzle direction. After the sink is finished, drain the water from the sink.

  7. After cleaning, place the quartz tube in the designated position of the clean room, and place a special foam on the bottom.

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