Precautions For The Use Of Glass Chemical Equipment:

  Precautions for the use of glass chemical equipment:

  1. Before installation, the glassware should be cleaned and checked without damage before installation.

  2, the glass piece is not allowed to burn with a fire or adjust the angle with a flame.

  3, the glass pipeline should be placed in an obvious position for easy observation to avoid damage.

  4, welding sparks must not be dropped on the glass, so as not to burn the glass.

  5, to prevent the use of glass tubes for metal parts of the bracket.

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  6. Installation of glass chemical equipment must be carried out after the installation of other equipment to prevent damage to the glass equipment when other equipment is installed.

  7, the support of the glass piece is best supported by bolts on the flange, lifting or bracket.

  8, glass tube can be buried in the soil, can not be used to compact, can only be used to fill the water.

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  9. After the equipment is installed, it is necessary to simulate the normal operation temperature and pressure test to check for leakage. At the same time, after cooling and reducing the pressure, all the fastening bolts are required to be tightened again.

  10. When the glass piece has cracks, it should be replaced in time and should not be used any more.

  11. When using a glass condenser, first open the cooling water, then open the heat source, and gradually heat the equipment. Under normal circumstances, it can be heated to 100 °C within 30 minutes. When stopping, first shut down the heat source, then turn off the cooling water. .

  12. When using the glass condenser in winter, be careful not to freeze the cooling water to prevent the glass tube from bursting. The cooling water must be drained when parking.

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