What Is Optical Quartz Glass

  A glass that changes the direction of light propagation and changes the relative spectral distribution of ultraviolet, visible, or infrared light. Narrow optical glass refers to colorless optical glass; generalized optical glass also includes colored optical glass, laser glass, quartz optical glass, radiation resistant glass, ultraviolet infrared optical glass, fiber optic glass, acousto-optic glass, magneto-optical glass and photochromism glass. Optical glass can be used to make lenses, prisms, mirrors, windows, etc. in optical instruments. Components made of optical glass are key components in optical instruments.

Quartz triangular prism, opital glass, quartz sight glass

Quartz triangular prism, opital glass, quartz sight glass

  Optical quartz glass

  With silica as the main component, it has high temperature resistance, low expansion coefficient, high mechanical strength, good chemical properties, etc.

  Features, for the manufacture of prisms, lenses, windows and mirrors with special requirements for various wavelengths. In addition, there are photomasks for large-scale integrated circuit manufacturing, liquid crystal display panels, and image-based disc-based thin-plate glass; magneto-optical glass that rotates when the light passes through the glass in the direction of magnetic lines of force; light is transmitted in a certain direction. In the case of ultrasonic glass, acousto-optic glass in which light is diffracted, reflected, concentrated, or optically shifted occurs.

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