Chemical composition of quartz glass tube

The chemical composition of quartz glass tube is a single component of SiO2, also commonly referred to as purity.

1. Lighting quartz glass tube US GE product Al <14ppm, Ca+Mg total <0.5ppm, Fe<0.2ppm, K+Na+Li total <2ppm, Ti<1ppm, Zr<0.8ppm, base content is divided into Two, <1ppm and <5ppm. Quartz glass for lighting by industry: Al, Ca, Mg, Ti, Fe five elements, superior products <50ppm, first-class products <70ppm, qualified products <1000ppm, base content superior products <3ppm, first-class products <5ppm, qualified Product <10ppm. According to the new information, the desorption is related to the purity of the raw material. The Fe content is required to be <0.3ppm, and the base may be removed to <1ppm. In addition, it is related to the alkali metal content. The alkali metal content is high and easy to remove, but the anti-crystallization property affects the lamp. The service life.
  quartz glass tube,fused silica,fused quartz tube

quartz glass tube,fused silica,fused quartz tube

2. Quartz fused glass for the semiconductor industry The general products of GE Corporation of the United States have the same purity as the lighting products. The base is <10ppm, which can be twice as high as the quartz for illumination. There is also a 244LD brand tube with an Al content of only 8ppm and Li≤0.001ppm. K<0.2ppm, Na≤0.1ppm, total alkali metal <0.3ppm, Zr≤0.3ppm, Ti≤1.4ppm, Ca≤0.6ppm, Mg<0.1ppm, B<0.1ppm, Cu<0.01ppm,P< 0.2 ppm, the purity can be used. The industry of quartz glass for semiconductor industry is: Al, Fe, Ca, Mg, Ti, Na, K, Li, Cu, Co, Ni, Mn, B and other 13 elements total <50ppm, of which Fe≤3ppm, Cu≤ 0.8 ppm, Na ≤ 2 ppm, K ≤ 2 ppm, Li ≤ 2 ppm, B ≤ 0.3 ppm, and base < 220 ppm. From the above comparison, it can be seen that quartz glass fused silica is still very backward in purity and needs to work from various aspects.

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