Optical quartz glass

  Optical quartz glass has excellent spectral properties, both through infrared light and ultraviolet light. Optical quartz glass has excellent visible light transmission properties, and is an ideal material for optical systems that require both visible light and infrared light.

  With the development of modern new technology, it is possible to produce optical quartz glass with no bubble, optical uniformity, stripes, bubbles and other indicators, which can be compared with ordinary optical glass. At present, the domestic optical quartz glass grades are: JGS1 far ultraviolet optical quartz glass (applied spectral range 185~2500nm); JGS2 ultraviolet optical quartz glass (applied spectral range 220~2500nm); JGS3 infrared optical quartz glass (applied spectral band range) 260~3500nm).


  Due to the different production processes, the transmittance of various light is different. For example, in the ultraviolet optical glass, there is a large absorption peak at a wavelength of 2.8 μm due to the presence of hydroxide. When producing infrared optical quartz glass, if special dehydration process is used, the glass does not contain hydroxide, which can eliminate the infrared absorption of hydroxide, so that JGS3 infrared optical quartz glass has good transmittance in the infrared spectrum region.

  In infrared technology applications, infrared direction finder, infrared camera, infrared commutator, infrared communication equipment, etc., which are equipped with optical components such as infrared optical quartz glass lenses and mirrors, are important in all fields of the national economy and in the military. use.

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