What is low-emissivity glass

Low-emissivity glass is a coated glass with a high reflectance (80% or more) for far-infrared rays with a wavelength range of 4.5 to 25 microns. It is a low-emissivity coating coated with a metal or metal oxide film on the surface of a high-quality float glass to reflect it to far-infrared rays, which can effectively block the heat flow of the high-temperature field to the low-temperature field. It can effectively prevent summer heat from entering the indoor and winter heat, and has the effect of two-way energy saving.


Low-emissivity glass is also called Low-E glass, and Low-E is short for English Low-Emissivity. Low-E glass is physically or chemically coated with a metal film or metal oxide film containing one or two layers or even multiple film systems on the surface of the glass to reduce energy absorption or control energy exchange between indoor and outdoor, and to ensure life, The comfort of work, and thus achieve the purpose of environmental protection and energy conservation.

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