What is the advantage of glass roof

1. Single-layer tempered glass: the thickness is generally 8 to 12 mm. This glass is lower in price than other top glass materials, and has a good bearing capacity. The disadvantage is that once the glass slag is broken, the glass slag will fall down. Things still have a certain threat.

2, laminated glass: generally used 5 + 5 or 6 + 6 laminated rubber, bearing capacity is good, even if the glass is damaged, the glass will not fall, very safe.

3, insulating glass: Sunshine roof top glass available in a variety of specifications and models, but still use 5 + 12A + 5, of course, if you can use LOW-E hollow, then the sound insulation effect is even better on a grade .


4. Insulating glass with built-in electric honeycomb curtain: If you are not bad, it is good to use this kind of insulating glass. In addition to the function of sound insulation, it also has a shading function, and this shading system is Installed inside the insulating glass, no need to care, electric remote control, summer, open the sunshade, enjoy a cool summer, winter, close the sunshade, a book, a cup of tea, sitting in the transparent sun room, bathing gentle Sunshine, that kind of enjoyment, the true local level.

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